Ongoing Projects

Travel Time and Roadway Capacity Reliability for an Aging Population: The Development of a Model Integrating Roadway Traffic with Aging Adults’ Driving Behavior
  • Given the aging of the population, technologies, including decision-support systems, are needed that are sensitive both to the transportation needs and behaviors of aging drivers and the reliability of the available transportation network in areas more heavily populated by aging adults. Such decision support systems would play a vital role in ensuring increased efficiency, reliability, and connectivity of the nation’s highway...

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An Investigation of Innovative Approaches to Transportation Service Provision for Aging Populations Residing in Areas Lacking Fixed-Route Public Transportation Service
  • Many older Americans wish to remain in their current homes and communities as they age, and access to safe, reliable, and convenient transportation is critical for enabling them to do so. The availability of transportation options is particularly important to older Americans who for reasons of disability, income, or choice are not able to drive themselves. While older Americans living in metropolitan areas that provide...

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Student Pilot Project: Improving Data Validity in a Driving Simulator: Effects of Guided Practice in Older Adults on Simulator Handling Skills and Incidence of Simulator Sickness
  • Although driving simulators are increasingly used in research because they allow precise investigation of critical issues which would be unsafe or impractical to study in the field, simulator studies can be costly due to high levels of data loss. These losses accrue when participants lack the skill to handle a simulator as if it were a real car or become sick and must discontinue participation. Older participants often suffer...

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