Analyzing Crash Clusters near Senior Destination Sites Using GIS

University  University of North Florida (UNF)
Principal Investigators  Thobias Sando, Ph.D., P.E.
PI Contact Information  School of Engineering
Phone: 904.620.1142
Funding Source(s)and Amounts  Provided(by each agency or organization)  USDOT: $64,600
University of North Florida: $14,500
Florida A&M University: $7,600
Florida State University: $10,000
Total Project Cost  $96,700
Agency ID or Contract Number 
Start and End Dates 1/9/2014 - 12/23/2014
Brief Description of Research Project 

The population of age group 65 and older is increasing, not only nationwide, but also in Florida, and at a higher rate. Consequently, the number of aging road users and crashes involving older drivers on Florida roadways is also increasing each year. In all but a few Florida counties, a projected 7 to 14 percent increase in persons age 65 and older will occur by year 2030. This study focuses on identifying crash hot spots in proximity to senior destination sites for ten Florida counties with the highest number of documented crashes involving drivers age 65 and older. Using a GIS-based spatial overlay analysis, crash clusters in areas where seniors frequent will be identified and quantified. Further analyses of cluster locations will be conducted to determine possible deficiencies in roadway features that may be contributing to aging driver crashes. This knowledge can assist state and local agencies in strategic planning efforts for developing appropriate intervention and prevention programs to improve safety and enhance mobility for aging road users.

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