Transit-Oriented Development for Aging Adults: An Evaluation of Recent Trends, Best Practices, and Future Prospects

University  Florida State University (FSU)
Principal Investigators  Michael Duncan, Ph.D.
PI Contact Information  Department of Geography
Phone: 850.644.8377
Funding Source(s)and Amounts  Provided(by each agency or organization)  USDOT: $185,450
Florida State University:$92,750
Total Project Cost  $278,200
Agency ID or Contract Number  DTRT13-G-UTC42-033177-036732
Start and End Dates 5/1/2015 - 12/31/2016
Brief Description of Research Project 

The availability of transportation options is particularly important to older Americans who are not able to drive themselves. While older Americans living in metropolitan areas that provide transit have access to public transportation to help them meet their mobility needs, nearly one out of five older adults live outside metropolitan areas. While there is some public transportation available in rural and small communities, there is a need for more information about the types of services that are provided, and there is a need for assessment about the effectiveness of their organizational structures and service delivery strategies for providing critical mobility services for the older population, the sustainability of their funding models, and the applicability of such approaches for other communities. Through the research we will address the following three questions: (1) what types of transportation services exist in rural and small communities?; (2) how are these transportation services organized, financed, and delivered by the entities that provide the services?; and (3) how are these transportation services utilized by older Americans? The final result of the research is a set of best practices for planners and other interested professionals in the United States.

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